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Infringement's debut album Transition.


released May 17, 2017


Guitars & vocals: Stig André Clason
Drums & vocals: Kristoffer Utby
Lead vocals: Hans Andreas Brandal
Bass Espen Larsen

Stig André Clason
Kristoffer Utby
Hans Andreas Brandal

Hans Andreas Brandal

Produced by:
Stig André Clason
Kristoffer Utby

Studio: Progshack Studio
Mixing: Arild Brøter - Spider Room Studio
Mastering: David Zells - Lydspesialisten
Artwork & design: Stig André Clason

Thanks to!

Øystein Heide Aadland
Keyboards: 01-09 On all tracks

Clive Nolan
Lead keyboards: 04 Adolescence, 08 Patina

Elisabeth Syrdal Ellingsen
Vocals: 08 Patina

Morten L. Clason
Saxophone: 07 Midlife

Stian Delbekk Johansen
Backing vocal: 02 Infancy, 08 Patina

Mats Lillehaug
Co writing: 04 Adolescence

Arild Brøter
Additional percussion,acoustic guitar
keyboards & programming: 01-09 All tracks



all rights reserved


Infringement Oslo, Norway

It all happened in the King’s year 2015. Stig Andre Clason, Kristoffer Utby and Hans Andreas Brandal met over good whisky and love of music. Not long after we were rocking out, inspiration filled and conquest seeking.
Something was missing, an empty void in our musical expression. Queue Espen Larsen who joined spring 2016. He was Tonya Harding to our Nancy Kerrigan, a knee-crackling epiphany.
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Track Name: Conception
- Seldom did one venture to this area.
Time had for centuries left this place alone,
left to thrive in it's own solitude.
The place had a spiritual feel to it, total serenity.

It all started today
My conscience awoke
Born from labor of love
a complex product of reflective thinking
Sprouted by the briny water
in the shadow of jagged giants
Naked I stood, motionless
defenseless against the frigid tempest

Through the seasons I grew
as winter came summer anew
Though my walls sprung up tall
as spring once again came fall

I was methodically rised
upon the virgin soil
Nursed with empathic hands
...stuck between the mighty evergreen
Walls to love and embrace
A shelter I became
Silent, but always there
An incubator for virtuous new souls

Through the seasons I grew,
as winter came summer anew.

I felt their pain and their sorrow.
I shared their laughter and joy.
Through the coming calamity,
I was left to dread thereafter

Through the seasons I grew,
as winter came summer anew.
Though my walls sprung up tall
as spring once again came fall.

- My first autumns came and went,
The smell of wheat and barley seeping through my wooden skin.
The sound of children laughing.
Bliss… Could life get any better?
Track Name: Infancy
I came of age, started to grow
All gone were the people, that I used to know
Stepped out of my feeble shadow
metamorphosed, into the state of chateau
My bovine brother and his ovine twin
my nautical sister, came into being
In my garden the facade was kept
but under my lace fringed eyelids, I wept

My patriarchic ulcer kept me up at night
as he kept from all, his progeny's plight
His purist ways and hypocritical praise
he took the name in vain and took away her grace
With shortness of breath from his farmer's lung
and the charming whispers from his gin pickled tongue
He went to her, this creature sublime
in the quiet hours of the twilight time

She prayed to god for answers
but all she got was ill content
She only sang her own lament
His misogynic oppressive opinion,
Her agony in his sadistic dominion.
Down her thigh, she did bleed.
A prayer for:
Hemp against the skin, played the dead march
as a well-tuned sting off the wooden arch
in her coffin she leaked black bile
that weighed her down, as they walked down the aisle.

Instead of godly intervention,
she got bruises on her skin.
She drowned in this cesspool of sin

She's no more than quiet whispers,
nothing more than hostile lies.
Secrecy was her demise

Barely three feet down in frozen soil,
a blatant prayer and then left to spoil.
Just another trick in the devils repertoire,
as they answered the call to arms from afar.

- The previous years have left a dark aura over me.
No matter how much it rained,
the sky would not clear up.
Still I feared there was yet worse to come.
Track Name: Childhood
Gone was the silence of yesteryear
change was arise in the northern hemisphere
The soft turquoise from the heavens above
dressed in amber this season in the mourning of
his brother the river, as it slowly creep
steeped in the color of crimson deep

And his sister the forest so clean and polite
now riddled with lead and the smell of cordite
Earthbound I stood, rigid and unchanged
listening to the symphony, so perniciously
I felt the cold sweep in like a breeze
lifeless and hollow, though my fibers didn't freeze

In my fertile soil, not much did grow.
Except wooden crosses amidst, forget-me-nots below.
I heard their muffled screams,
of lost opportunities, and unfulfilled dreams.
Masking the sound of orphans astray,
and the tears of the widow as she quietly pray.

In the cover of night, led by the stars,
a shadow approached, with two silver bars.
He said he was taken by her beauty,
as he came to perform his levirate duty.
Hope returned to the remaining few,
as the sky once again turned blue.

Gone were my childhood dreams

No more
knight or squire,
all lost to
brimstone and fire

- Things are better now.
The war seems like a distant memory.
Somehow they behave more distant, more self-obsessed.
They don't seem to care that much about me anymore.
Track Name: Adolescence
I´m shouting, but they can’t hear anything
He’s a fat cat, demonstrating his superiority
while abusing his authority

He is well dressed and charming
supporting his family through opium farming
Praying on the deprived
Just give me relief
Please help me
Track Name: Passage
- What happened
How did it get so far
I don't recognize myself anymore
Where am I heading
Track Name: Adulthood
I would like to welcome you to the ball
Cliché, hubris and bigotry, we got it all

They are all here, obese humps of lard
the make-believe duke of avant-garde

and the earl of sandwich, tea and pearl

As your master of ceremonies,
I would like to introduce to you.
Please welcome the master of the house,
and his disease ridden, charming, unwelcoming spouse.

For you gluttons we got produce fresh,
or you can partake in pleasures of the flesh.
All you voyeurs, you can peep,
or dull your senses in opium sleep.

The well-dressed marquee with his pompadour hair,
and the baron of manners, such a bore.

The lord of morals, here without his wife.
Father is preaching, with his bloodstained knife

The queen of virtue, with her bloodshot eyes.
If we're lucky, perhaps the king would die.

Rose tinted windows, keep the real world away,
rusted gates, keep the negroes at bay.
But when you sore with eagles at night,
expect to rise with pigs in the morning, pigs in the morning

Time to say goodbye, hope you had a good time.
Thank you all, hope you come again

- Time to reflect,
to learn from the past.
I don't want to crawl back down into the rabbit hole,
Track Name: Midlife
- My best years are behind me,
and I look back at the past with an ambivalent eye.
Meanwhile balance is restored,
and I can look to the future with a glimmer of hope.
Track Name: Patina
I used to be bloated
now I'm lean
Used to be dirty
now I'm clean

In all the confusion
He missed out on the revolution
He had to adjust to a different set of mind
as she became socially inclined
She was all about self improvement
so she joined the suffrage movement
He was left at home to deal with his feelings
while she tried to break through the glass ceiling
His harvest hopes and dairy dreams
were all left up to the machines

Deep down in ground below
Back down to earth I go
Down to earth I fall
All known is now gone
I see the future where I don't belong
and now I fall

Deep down in ground below.
Back down to earth I go.
Down to earth I fall.

He woke up, three sheets to the wind.
Fragile, emotionally skinned.
Blinded by shiny electricity,
confused by people with different ethnicity.
First he sang the anthem of Sodom and Gomorrah,
then he read the bible, Quran and the Torah.
His search for the meaning of it all,
ultimately led to my downfall.
My quaint appearance and rural charm,
couldn't compete with the urban smarm.

Deep down in ground below.
Back down to earth I go.
Down to earth I fall.

- I’m tired now…
There´s no fight left in me.
I think I'll go to sleep.
Track Name: Rebirth
My joints are creaking,
when they walk around.
Like I never heard it before.

My pipes are leaking,
when they quench their thirst.
Never had problems before.

Have mold in damp places,
they scream at the sight.
They never used to before.

My vision is blurry,
they can’t see outside.
I am not young like before.

My bones are crumbling,
I lean to the side.
Wish I was strong like before.

Once I was,
Now I'm gone.
to make way for I-91.